Replying to a RT'ed tweet shows on main tweet view



@andy, as I mentioned online last night, here is our dilemma

We noticed that when a user has a tweet RT’ed by user B, then user A responds to that RT, it shows up on the main Tweets view (since it thinks it is also replying to itself), not in Tweets & Replies as expected?

User A post: RT this!
User B RTs
User A wants to respond to B with "Thanks"
when User A replies to the tweet ID of user B, it pulls in User A and shows as a reply primarily to myself.
Thus showing up on the main Tweets view of my timeline and to all users, now just on “Tweets and Replies”

This seems confusing and would potentially clutter the timeline of people that don’t follow both users?


We’ve tried working around this by using the exclude_reply_userids option found here What is exclude_reply_userids used for?

I’m sending over the twitter id of a user I do NOT want included in the response to a RT (the original tweeter in this case) in an array under the exclude_reply_userids property as part of the options in the update() method.

I’ve tried both an array of integers and an array of strings and both give me “Could not authenticate you errors”

If I sent the one social user id I wanna exclude as just a string, the update is posted but the excluding does not happen.


@andypiper I know this is a few days old, but curious if you had a chance to take a look. let me know if you need any clarification.