Replying on DM via our our tool gives error code 150


Hi team!

When trying to reply on a DM via our tool Clarabridge CX Social we receive the error 150 {“errors”:[{“code”:150,“message”:“You cannot send messages to users who are not following you.”}]}

In all the cases where this happens, the Twitter user already initially reached out to the Twitter account connected in our app which tries to reply with a DM. So normally this error shouldn’t occur.
Any idea why this is happening?

This is the endpoint we use to send out a DM

This is similar to Error code 150 for Direct Message via our App however, the suggested solution there was that it’s due to the privacy setting of the receiving user. But since those users initiated the conversations, that shouldn’t be the root cause.


Hi @demoorB - you are right in that normally when a user (let’s say User_A) initiates a conversation with another user (User_B), User_B should be able to reply even if User_A doesn’t have the “Receive messages from anyone” box ticked.

However, if User_A blocks User_B or deletes the conversation with User_B, an error 150 code would then be returned. It is possible that one of these scenarios occurred in your case.


Thanks Aurelia!


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