Reply tweets only showing up for some users



I have a bot that replies to enquiries with two tweets.

The enquiry is harvested from a streamer connection, some data gathered via normal REST API calls, formatted and then tweeted out back to the enquiring user.

The first tweeted reply @s the enquiring use and uses in_reply_to_status_id (of their original tweet), and in_reply_to_status_id (of the first reply tweet) for the second reply tweet.

Up until a couple of days ago, this seemed to work perfectly well, but in the past 48 hours I’m seeing the following behaviours:

  • Normal behaviour: Enquiring user gets normal notification in Android app, and sees their original enquiry with threaded replies from my bot.
  • Abnormal: Enquirer gets notification, but only sees 1st reply tweet, second is absent
  • Abnormal: Enquirer gets no notifications, and no replies.

NB In all cases, the account that is sending the replies is showing both reply tweets, as threaded replies to the original enquiry tweet.

NB ALSO that some enquiring accounts always receive notifications and replies, some never either, and some get partial replies.

I’ve looked at users/show JSON data for all types of accounts, and while there are occasionally differences in eg tz or offset or location (or of course profile etc), I’m also seeing some accounts where the fields “Suspended:” and “needs_phone_verification:” are showing up, which seems to me to be new? But only on one or two ???

Definitely NB that this is not a matter of blocks or mutes, and none of the accounts I’m using for testing appear to be limited in any way by Twitter (or if they are I’m not being told so :)) My end-users in the wild are experiencing the same issues I’m seeing with my testing accounts.

I’m getting very frustrated!

Python 2.7+Twython; Linux.

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Finally worked out what was wrong - I think.

Carefully examined the user data returned from users/show for the account not receiving notifications.

One field looked slightly odd:

 "time_zone": "UTC",

Checking in the browser interface for that account, timezone was set to “(GMT-11:00) International Date Line West”.

Reset to “GMT (London)” and notifications for the bot-tweets burst into life.

Note that notifications were otherwise working perfectly for that account. It was only tweets from the bot account that weren’t being notified OR visible unless looked at by going to the bot-account’s “Tweets & Replies”.

How this field became set to “UTC” I have no idea.


Still happening.