Reply to tweet is not showing in exact location using Twitter Api



I have created bot which send first reply to the every tweet of celebrity I have followed all the rule regarding tweeting reply using in_reply. But still my reply doesn’t show below his tweet…

It was working earlier say 1 month ago, but it stopped working now let me know what I changes i need to do.


There’s no API that guarantees that replies will cause a user to be notified or a conversation to be threaded.

Are you able to provide concrete examples of Tweet IDs that exhibit the issue you are describing?

Have you read and understood the automation rules? Apps that do not follow them may not have their content show up in the expected manner.


I am listening to on of the celebrity using Twitter4j Api which uses twitter streaming Api.
As soon as he tweet I get the Id or idstr and reply to him by mentioning his name.
Earlier my reply would be first of all the tweet now from 1-2 month it is not showing as reply or sometime it shows above his tweet look like a bug.
Let me know if it is expected


If your posts or your app are deemed to be of low quality, are reported as spammy, or otherwise are affected by our antispam and safety tools, then the Tweets may not appear in the user interface or notifications.


How can I know that my tweet is of Low Quality, or a spam.


From the automation rules:

Spamming: You may not send automated Tweets or Direct Messages that are spam, or otherwise engage in spamming activity. Some examples of spammy behavior to avoid with automation include:

Trending topics: You may not automatically post about trending topics on Twitter, or use automation to attempt to influence or manipulate trending topics.
Multiple posts/accounts: You may not post duplicative or substantially similar Tweets on one account or over multiple accounts you operate.

There’s no additional guidance that we can provide beyond this.