Reply from statuses/show without extended_entities?



I am wondering why am I getting different results from statuses/show reply from different tweet IDs.

For example there are 2 tweets with GIF on it, but only one of them returning the url of the video via the extended_entities key in json.

Right now, I am handling that properly in my app. But just wondering why the video URL is not given in some tweets, but are available in other tweets?

As examples, you can have a look at these tweet IDs

  1. 817627093802557440 - No extended_entities
  2. 817304475685810177 - With extended_entities

Both have a GIF in their content. But I don’t get it why the difference in tweet replies. Is it have anything to do with the tweet owner’s settings/permissions etc?


If your app is not in extended mode and the GIF/Video URL comes after 140 characters it will be omitted from the response object per the docs.


Correct. The solution is to use ?tweet_mode=extended to retrieve the full Tweet(s).


Wow. my bad for not reading the manual properly. Thanks for the reply. It works perfectly now.
God bless yous.