We need to get the reply_count for Tweets using this API and even though the documentation mentions this field is available, the sample response doesn’t contain it?

Two questions-

  1. Does the Premium Search contain this field?
  2. How much will it cost per Tweet/request to get this data-point?

Our customer is keen to get this metric and want to know the associated costs as we’ve advised our customer Premium APIs are a good place to start.

PS: We’ve also spoken to the Data Team who’ve advised that - “The Premium API will work, but you will have to pay for each request and does not support Tweet ID lookup. The most effective solution would be our Enterprise Engagement API, which reliably provides retweet counts and a lot more as stated [HERE]”(




You can see on this page that our Tweet object contains a reply_count attribute.

Our data sales team is correct, in that you can’t look up a specific Tweet ID using this tool, but the premium tool does have some advanced operators that you can use to drill down to just those Tweets that you are looking for.

Here are the pages for our premium pricing:


Thankyou. We have another open thread, search is no longer return data for us despite using the same parameters as last night? Can you assist please?


We will continue to help you in your other thread.