Reply_count & quote_count not available in statuses/lookup answer




I’m trying to retrieve reply_count & quote_count by querying statuses/lookup, but these fields are not available within the API answer.

For example, I’m searching for this tweet: which has 659 replies when I’m writing this question.

When performing a with id=918560564976242689, I get the following tweet object:

   "created_at":"Thu Oct 12 19:34:39 +0000 2017",
   "text":"\"Boogie is everything I look for in an MC\" - Eminem.  Learn more about our new signing @WS_Boogie.\u2026 https:\/\/\/6KyujOEais",
   "source":"\u003ca href=\"http:\/\/\" rel=\"nofollow\"\u003eTwitter Web Client\u003c\/a\u003e",
      "created_at":"Fri Apr 01 17:34:38 +0000 2011",

unlike tweet object described here:, this tweet object doesn’t inlcude reply_count & quote_count.

Is there an additional parameter to add to see the reply_count & quote_count?

Thank you,

New Tweet updates - reply_count

Hi @dankimche this is an excellent question, and it highlights a discrepancy (aka error) in our documentation! For historical reasons, reply_count and quoted_count are not available on the standard Tweet lookup APIs, but favorite_count and retweet_count are available. The additional two fields are served in our enterprise APIs. I’m not aware of plans for them to be present in all endpoints at the moment, but keep an eye on our roadmap as we move forward.

This was an error that was introduced as a result of our recent merger of the Twitter and Gnip support sites and we apologise for the confusion caused here.

One additional point is that as this Tweet has truncated: true you’ll want to retrieve it using the tweet_mode=extended parameter to see the full text and additional extended entity objects.


Hi @andypiper
Thank you very much for your quick answer.
Too bad that these metric must be paid for, unfortunately, we won’t be able to get budget for that.
We are already using the tweet_mode=extended, this was just a quick example.
Thank you,


I certainly can understand your disappointment - apologies again for the confusion this introduced.

Reply count and Quote Count
Reply count and Quote Count

This is so disappointing. They seem like very basic (and public) tweet metrics, I don’t see the point of keeping them for enterprise APIs only.