Replies on specific tweet



Hello Twitter guys.
So I’m doing a development for a web application, that is focus on creating strategyc reports throught an API:,
I just found out that I can’t extract the number of responses or the response of an specific tweet, so I would like to ask if there is an official way I can obtain this information through an API, or if in the future there would be some update in wich you include this funtionality, so I could know that at some point this would be possible.

If at the moment there is any way I can obtain this information, could you please tell me wich metrics and parameters grouping I would have to use in order to have this information (hopefully through an URL).

Thanks a lot for the help.

Have a good day.


At the moment, no there is not.

For the future, we have published a roadmap which may help you, but there are no current plans to add this direct functionality - you may end up using our enhanced Search functionality in months to come.