Repeatedly contacted Twitter Support to no avail - Closed when Submitted


I have contacted Twitter Support five separate times about an issue we are having. I have received the email “Please write back if this does not solve your issue.” I write back to know that my issue was already closed. I have tried other areas and have received responses but when I go to respond, again, closed.

The issue I have having involved Twitter Advanced Search. If I search a term within 15 miles of Pensacola, I receive every tweet in the world with the world “Car”. I have tried various cities and various terms. I receive the same result. I have deleted history, cookies, everything. There are occasions where for 10 minutes it WILL work properly, but will revert back to not working.

This has been going on for over a month. I’ve seen similar posts from 15 weeks ago, but nothing recent. If someone can assist me on how to fix this, I would appreciate it. Thank you.