Repeated write restriction - Analysis on what triggered this



We are a paying premium customer. Our app has in the past week been restricted from write access two times.

Your app was restricted for sending a large volume of unsolicited and/or repeat @mentions.

We do not know which of our customers’ messages that are triggering these write restrictions, and we realize we need some help analyzing this situation.

Our analysis of tweets sent prior to the write restriction resulted in:

  1. No account has sent a large number of tweets through app
  2. No tweets contains multiple @mentions
  3. No tweet contains a @mention of someone else than the author of the replying_to_tweet (=no unsolicited @mentions)
  4. No tweets are duplicates
  5. Our customers are very large companies (banks/airlines), they never ever send spam - only reply to their customers’ questions (=tweets should never get marked as spam)

Our company is a customer service app and we have 100% intentions of following all Twitter rules. Our app has worked this way for several years - and all of a sudden now two write restrictions are triggered.

We do not know what it is that we need to change to not trigger these write restrictions. We would truly and greatly appreciate any help on how we should analyze our data in order find what actually triggered these two write restrictions (one is in effect right now).

How do we find what triggered these write restrictions?

Theory 1: Some of our customers need more than 1 tweet to reply to a someone’s question. So someone sends a question in 1 tweet, and then (through our app) gets a reply that stretches over several tweets. Maybe this could be what triggered this?

Theory 2: People often send tweets with our customers’ name in a #hashtag instead of a @mention. Then our customers responds to that tweet (with a @mention of it’s author). This is proactive customer service. But our customers are responding (with a @meniton) to a tweet that did not @mention them (it only #hashtagged their company’s name). Maybe this could be what triggered this?


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