Repeated arbitrary suspensions


My first account created 3 years ago was banned two weeks ago, but I never had any issues for all those years using Twitter.
Near 4000 followers, political account engaged for my ideas.
Now this account has been “permanently suspended”: how come?
I have new account with almost no followers and yesterday it was permanently suspended again…
Today with yet another new account, I am doing nothing but talking to my friends, asking for their help.
3 suspensions within few hours…
My account is political and I hope Twitter will protect my freedom of expression against potential hackers would may be suspending accounts arbitrary fashion.
Twitter please help please come back to the freedom of expression for all ideas.
I hope this will not happen again.
Please let me know what’s happening…


Each time I send a mention to someone I follow but does not follow me… such as I did just now saying “thank you” and my account just got suspended… Is this censorship? Who is responsible for that?