Reopen support ticket? Check status?


Is there any way, any way at all, to check on the status of a platform support ticket? I read somewhere that twitter used to have zendesk but not anymore.

After 7 full days with no response, I am starting to worry that my ticket was closed silently or lost in the shuffle somehow. How long should I wait without a response before considering opening another ticket?


Your ticket wouldn’t have been closed silently. You likely just had bad timing with needing support during a holiday weekend. That said, I think they’d understand if you opened another ticket after a week.


Thanks @DanielCHood, I gave it a shot but didn’t even get an auto-response for creating a ticket. I wonder if they have a system in place to automatically ignore new tickets for existing requests. Hopelessness is starting to set in!


You should ensure that when you open a ticket, that you follow any instructions in the automated email response to reply to keep tickets open.

Unfortunately there’s no way to externally check on the status of tickets. I did ask the team to look for anything you might have raised, but we are running on a more reduced team as people return from holidays.


Thanks Andy, I appreciate your patience with me :slight_smile:. Please do forgive me if I seem a little frantic about all of this but we had just started a large advertising initiative and this prolonged restriction is hurting us big time.

I did follow up with my original ticket immediately providing the information requested (link, instructions on how to sign up, things we’ve changed, etc.).

Is the team still reduced through the rest of this week? I can’t imagine waiting all the way until next Monday before getting this resolved.

Thanks again and appreciate all the information.


There is just a backlog right now - I do understand and appreciate the frustration, if I was in a similar spot I would be just as keen to reach a resolution. I am hopeful you won’t be waiting that long, but I cannot speak directly for the team on the end of the ticket queue. Apologies once more.