Removing Twitter Player card


I want to remove twitter player card ability from my site and have removed all “twitter:” tags which are used for player card. I get to see an empty video player even after removal of these tags. How can I completely remove twitter player card functionality from my site?

URL for which I am facing issue is:


How recently did you make this change? Cards metadata is cached for up to 7 days before our crawler re-fetches a page.


Oh, the change was done a few hours back. Can we enforce a re-crawl by any other means?


There’s some information in the troubleshooting documentation that may help if you can add a junk parameter to the URL in the validator.


Problem is that the validator shows correct information i.e. no tags are present but the actual tweet shows the player card.


I just posted the link from a test account, and no card is rendered. It is possible that existing Tweets may take a while to clean up.


Thanks, problem seems to have sorted now.