Removing tweets from Embedded Widgets


Does anyone know if it’s possible to remove tweets from an embedded widget that shows a timeline of #hashtags. By remove I mean being able to see the tweet and click remove in real time.

I ask because if there are people viewing the timeline and someone posts an inappropriate image that isn’t detected by twitters filter then it wouldn’t be feasible to use the widget unless I can administrate what is being shown.


You may prefer to use a Collection timeline, so that you can use a tool like TweetDeck, or Charm, to curate the Tweets yourself and choose what is displayed. There’s no way for Tweets to be removed from a search timeline widget.


1 more question. When creating a collection I am asked for a URL but I can’t find my own. The default one is:

if you could point me in the right direction that would be amazing :slight_smile:

Thank you alot for the unbelievably fast reply!


If you create a collection using TweetDeck, you can click on the settings icon at the top of the column, then Share, and you’ll get the URL to paste into (for example).


Thank you so much, you have been very helpful with my situation!