Removing the 140 character limit from Direct Messages


We’ve just announced that the 140 character limit for Direct messages will be removed.

See the announcement post for full details on how to prepare your apps. As usual, feel free to ask questions here in the REST API category. We’re looking forward to see how the new capability will be utilized!



Given that the release date is “July” and that the review process for Apple can be quite slow, it’d be helpful if help/configuration could be updated prior to that time with current information on the DM length limit.

A simple “dm_length” : 140/10000, entry would allow us to prepare for the change and have it automatically start working automatically once you guys throw the switch.

Additional config parameter for new DM 140+ feature

Thanks for the feedback @tapbot_paul. It’s being discussed here. You can start a new thread or contact us as you have in the past, if you want to discuss further.

I’m going to close this thread out, so we can respond on an inquiry per thread basis.