Removing an Advertiser


Hi, after running into a number of issues due to an error this caused, have a question/request:
We are an advertiser on an old client account that now appears to be disabled (that message appears when switching to them via the ads web interface). Long story short, this threw a very unexpected error in our code when operating on our list of associated ads accounts causing us a number of problems (our fault for not handling the error, but we also had no idea this was possible prior). There seems to be no possible way for us to remove them. I’ve sent a message to support asking to be removed from our list of allowed advertising accounts, but it would be great if we could either know the status when we get the account list (current response below) instead of having to swallow this error, and/or be able to decouple ourselves from them via an API call. I don’t imagine the latter would be used too often, but thinking it through, any ads account could make any other account an advertiser or administrator and the account receiving the permission could do nothing about it. Thank you!

Here is the response we get on the disabled account. Account name redacted.


So, web based ads support help can’t/won’t do anything. We’re stuck connected to an old advertiser account that we can’t contact.

Response from Twitter Ads Support

Thanks for writing in and letting us know about this issue. However, we are unable to remove you from their account. You will need to contact @[account] to have one of their Account Admins remove you from their account.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Twitter Ads Support



I believe the preferred method is to contact the account admins since in many cases there is a strong relationship between the entities, but for this case I would recommend to simply reply back to support and tell them that you have no way of contacting the account owners.




I tried, will see what they say. Thanks, appreciate it.