Removing a site from the malware list


I’m the webmaster for

Last month, our site was hacked for a VERY brief period of time - under 48 hours. The site has been completely clean since 12/23/2014.

Nevertheless, it got added to the malware blacklist.

Before someone points me to

We’ve been there, and have filed multiple times. But every single time, the case gets instantly closed.

I know because when we file, we get a mail back that says:


Thanks for your report.

In order to make Twitter more secure, we have automations in place
that could impact your ability to tweet certain links. If you’re having
issues tweeting a link, our team will review your request and take
appropriate action on the reported URL.
You can find more information on
this topic in this help center article:


Twitter Support

So we tried replying to that mail with details - the second it came in. The result?

You tried to update a case that has been closed. Please submit a new case at You can also visit our help center at for self-help solutions to common problems.
Thank you!
Twitter Support

So the case is being closed the minute we submit it.





Hi, I am experiencing the exact same issue.
I am the webmaster for and
We have very thoroughly read through the forums.
We have emailed Twitter to be removed from their blacklist.
We have completed Twitter’s forms with no follow up.

Can we please have someone from Twitter remove our URLs from their blacklist? Thank you.