Remove user from a Site Stream


If I’m using Site Streams, I can add up to 1000 users per stream. If I want to remove a user I can do that using remove_user but… don’t I need to know which of my multiple streams/connections that user has previously been added to?

I’m wondering how people handle this in their code - do you have to keep track of which stream each user_id has been added to, so that if you need to remove one you know which stream to call remove_user on? Or have I misunderstood how this works?

(In case it helps, I’m using the Tweetstream Ruby gem.)


It’s probably best for you to keep track of this information in some kind of temporary or transient storage. [node:2835] notes how you can issue control streams “info” requests on a stream ID to determine who is on that stream, but there’s no direct way to get the “bird’s eye” view on all your streams simultaneously.


OK, thanks Taylor. I wasn’t sure if this was sensible practice or not.

FWIW, I find putting some of the Site Streams stuff into practice a bit confusing, using the existing docs - they describe how each part of it works, but it’s hard to figure out how it should all be used together in practice. Unless there are some examples of use I’ve missed…