Remove scrollbar?


is there a way to remove the scrollbar from the twitter widget for websites?


Ruth- did you ever get an answer to your question?


To hide the scroll bar on your Twitter feed, override the CSS with this: .timeline .stream {
overflow: hidden;
position: relative;
width: 100%;



This has exactly zero effect.


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then create a simple css file and point to it with the final script like:

Works well on my website :slight_smile:


This will help everyone :


noscrollbar: Crops and hides the main timeline scrollbar, if visible. Please consider that hiding standard user interface components can affect the accessibility of your website.




use data-tweet-limit=“2” in tag to remove scrollbar


This is the answer I was looking for, thank you.


it doesn’t work for me. With this code I still have a scrollbar and number of tweets is not limited …
Anybody knows why it doesn’t work ?

Tweets de @SCAN2014 data-chrome="noscrollbar" data-tweet-limit="1"


Hi Lou, quite a simple fix here for you. Move the

data-chrome="noscrollbar" data-tweet-limit="1"

inside the anchor tag. So lines 2/3/4 for your example want to be:

Tweets de @SCAN2014


Thanks !
So stupid error.