Remove app from Ads API program



We signed our app for Ads API and got accepted but it set a limit to 5 authenticated users. This limit is breaking our ability to register more users. Can we remove our app from Ads API, App ID: 7998138

Thank you.


Hi @dk8996,

Since you are in the developer access level, we require that you do a demo with us on your end-to-end solution before on-boarding more advertisers on your application.

Can you book a meeting with us at so we can review your platform?

Let me know if you have any questions as well.



@carmenjyuen we are not ready to demo our full end-to-end solution for Ads API features yet. We will be building that out over the next few weeks. The problem is that when we singed up our existing app for Ads API program it limited us to 5 access tokens (we were already over that amount) causing us not being able to sing-up new users. The correct solution I think is to remove our App (7998138) for the Ads API program and create a new App just for the Ads API. Can you please remove our App (7998138) from the Ads API program. Thank you.


@dk8996 - thanks for clarifying! Yes, we can transfer your ads API permissions to another application.

Can you let me know what your new app ID will be? I can transfer ASAP.



Can you transfer ads API from this App (7998138) to this App (12712679)


Thanks @dk8996! You are all set - I’ve transferred access and updated your record as well.

Let me know if you bump into anything else.