Removal of CTA from Website Cards



Over the course of the coming weeks, the CTA button will be removed from displayed Website Cards. Based on our data, this change will increase performance of this creative. No action is necessary for the removal of the CTA from any existing cards - we will simply not display the CTA button once this change is at 100%.

This change will slowly roll-out beginning the week of February 1, 2016 and is expected to be complete by the end of February 2016.

The API calls used to set CTA will begin to ignore the website_cta param once this change has been fully rolled out, which impacts the POST accounts/:account_id/cards/website and PUT accounts/:account_id/cards/website/:card_id endpoints.

It is recommended that if you wish to continue to show a strong, direct call-to-action on the Website Card, that you place this text within the website_title of the card.

A sample of how this change will be displayed to users when promoted:

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