Reminder: Site Streams, User Streams, and legacy DM endpoints will be sunset August 16th



Reminder to all developers currently using:

  • Site Streams
  • User Streams
  • Legacy Direct Message endpoints

These products will be sunset on August 16th, 2018. On and after this date, new connections to User Streams and Site Streams (including control endpoints) will no longer be accepted, and requests to the legacy DM endpoints will return errors.

Affected Endpoints:

GET /1.1/site/c/:stream_id/info.json
POST /1.1/site/c/:stream_id/add_user.json
POST /1.1/site/c/:stream_id/remove_user.json
POST /1.1/site/c/:stream_id/friends/ids.json


If you are using these products, visit the documentation for migration instructions, and start your migration to the new versions ASAP to reduce impact.

As previously announced, we extended the timeframe for these deprecations by two months, from June to August 16th, 2018. Between now and the sunset date, you will begin to see new event types containing information about the deprecation as well as degraded service as we “flicker” the endpoints on and off to help ensure the community understands these endpoints are being shut down.

We encourage you to begin your migration immediately and to apply for the Account Activity API now to avoid service impact.

"new event types containing information about the deprecation"



Some folks have asked for details on what this message will look like - Here is a sample pre-emble, post changes. We plan to deploy this change today (2018.07.24) at roughly 13:00 Pacific Time.

This follows the format of other warnings we issue - for example if the friends list is too large. We are trying to ensure this is a non-breaking change for developers.


{"warning":{"code":"DEPRECATED_ENDPOINT","message":"The Site Streams and User Streams endpoints will be turned off Thursday, August 16, 2018. Please begin your migration to alternate APIs. See https:\/\/\/usss","timestamp_ms":"1532447519823"}}

Site stream is not stable from yesterday night (IST) . New streams were not connected. Please response