Remaining API issue with twicca


I use third party app “Twicca” for accessing Twitter on my smartphone running Android 4.3. I got this unusual problem of twitter feed not updating after few requests for auto load and this strange error pops up “Remaining API: 0/15 Resets (time)” The time given is usually 15 minutes into the future from the current time and after that time period has elapsed, it again starts to auto load for sometime and then this error again pops in again and so on. On your developer page, I found something related to this as being the maximum number of times the request can be sent via my IP address. I would like to know why this restriction has been imposed on my account and the way in which I can fix it. The application uses the Twitter API 1.1. I haven’t encountered this issue with official twitter app or web twitter usage. This has only occurred with third party twitter apps on my Smartphone. Please guide me clearly and let me know of the alternatives I have at my disposal.