Relaunch Causing Whitelist Issue?



My company recently relaunched our website. In the process, we consolidated three websites in our family of sites into one. Each of the other sites had their own twitter account and URL schema.

Today, we discovered that URLs we try to share as Summary Cards are being rejected, and the error we get consistently is “WARN: Not Whitelisted”.

All of our Metadata appears correct; my best guess as one of the devs is that this Whitelist error has to do with the new website and that Twitter is choking on the new URL structures and DNS records and whatnot. Supposedly, Twitter doesn’t require validation for any non-media Card types, like a Summary Card. Still, we get the error almost every time, on every new article.

We need assistance. Thank you.


If you’re able to share an example URL that demonstrates the issue, that would help greatly. Thanks.


This link worked very briefly and has since been giving us that same “WARN: Not Whitelisted” error when we go through the validator.

We are striving to be sure the fields are filled consistently in the CMS and most of them are. The needed meta tags appear to be just fine; the same article shared on Facebook (which I understand relies on OG tags, not Twitter tags) checks out OK.


I’ve just opened that link in a browser and don’t see any of the meta tags I’d expect. The validator shows that 5 meta tags are found, but those are not the twitter:card or og: tags. I’ve also checked using curl -A Twitterbot and don’t see any cards tags.