Relative uniqueness of Ads API Ids



There doesn’t appear to be documentation about the level of uniqueness for each type of ID for objects in the Ads API.

We have made the following assumptions:

  1. accountId is globally unique.
  2. lineItemId and virtually everything else specified in the Ads API is unique within each account.
  3. tweetId is globally unique (64 bit snowflake ids).

Are these assumptions correct?

It would be nice to have a page in the documentation that lists each object and the level of relative uniqueness of its ID.

In some cases, we’ve made composite synthetic IDs in our system to ensure uniqueness (such as “{accountId}_{lineItemId}”). If we have more information, we can remove the synthetic IDs in future versions of our software. Its an extra layer to maintain that may not be necessary.


Hi Chris,

Line Item IDs, Campaign IDs, and Funding Instrument IDs are also globally unique, so you should not need to worry the relative uniqueness of those entities. Does that help?

A page which details the relative uniqueness of IDs is an interesting idea, though we’ll have to take into consideration how much detail we’d like to publicly disclose before we make a call on whether or not we add that.



Thanks Helen. That helps a lot.

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