related_results disappeared from 1.1?


Ok, everyone knows that this is unsupported and that no one can tell when and if it will be officially made available; however, this used to “work” on API v1, but not in 1.1. When calling it the response is the error code 34 “Sorry, that page does not exist”.
By looking to what Twitter website does, I noticed that it still calls the endpoint on API v1.
Is there any way we can safely find out replies to a specific Tweet in 1.1? Or at least any non rate-hunger way for doing so?

Thank you for your help


I’d like to know as well, as a way to get replies to a tweet is needed.


related_results will not be appearing in API v1.1. The best way to obtain the different aspects of a conversation is by monitoring a user using the Streaming API, User Streams, or Site Streams as they happen.


Thank you @episod


Taylor, I don’t see how the Streaming API can solve this problem. The User Streams only provides information for the currently logged in user, and related results are mainly useful for other users (e.g. I want to see the tweets that are replies to you, not me.)

Site Streams are not available to all applications. It also seems like a waste of resources to keep a stream open just to look for potential matches.


There are some things that aren’t easy or possible to accomplish with the public API. While it’s not possible to “solve the problem” in totality with the Streaming APIs (save for the full firehose), it is the best means to obtain at least partial related results in a conversation tree. If you don’t wish to leverage the available avenues to realize a feature, perhaps it’d be better to not include that feature in your application.


I just think steering people towards the Streaming APIs is a complex solution to a simple problem. In my testing, it appears the search endpoints can now be used since the results in 1.1 now include a valid in_reply_to_status_id.

(And, hey, since I haven’t said so anywhere else, the changes in the 1.1 API are fantastic: so many improvements, but getting real Tweet objects from a search has to be at the top of my list.)


And what if I want to get all replies to old tweet wrote week ago, for example. Or to tweet wrote an hour ago but already having many replies?


Bummer, this was a useful feature, and mirrored the “view conversation” functionality on Agreed, streaming API doesn’t really solve this, esp. for a mobile client.


+1 for this to be brought in to 1.1
It’s functionality which is provided directly to and not available to us as developers.
In the past it’s been useful to find the chain of replies when two people have been talking, or even see a collection of answers to a question, stopping you from becoming the hundredth person to reply.


@artesea - it appears the official twitter clients use the following v1.1 method: /1.1/conversation/show.json?id=____

However it’s blocked for non-Twitter clients. See:

Would be a great feature to have officially supported in the API.


+1 for this feature to be added, thanks.


+1 for this feature to be added. :frowning:


+1 for this feature to be added.


I am disappointed with Twitter developers for not implementing this basic feature


+1 for this feature to be added.


Conversation is an important feature for all twitter client, obviously twitter know that and enable it in their own clients. All third party developers need it to make a working twitter client user expecting. Thank you @episod for suggesting “Steam API”, but Twitter client do not use it to view conversation for a reason.