Related parameter in webintents not working



Hi, I am trying to add additional user(s) onto a tweet. On the twitter dev website it says you need to include the related parameter.

I have tried the examples that twitter provides and they also do not show the additional users.,sunset&related=twitter&via=twitterdev

Even the parameter reference page has an example which also does not work that uses url.

Has anyone been able to include additional users in a tweet? or does this parameter no longer work? I have swapped the usernames around with the via parameter and they definitely are correct. The via parameter is included in both examples and does show up correctly.


The related parameter specifically shows related users after the web intent has been posted:

Suggest additional Twitter usernames related to the Tweet as comma-separated values. Twitter may suggest these accounts to follow after the user posts their Tweet. You may provide a brief description of how the account relates to the Tweet with a URL-encoded comma and text after the username.

This does not add the @handles to the Tweet body. It just shows a list of users that were related for the user to follow after posting the Tweet via the composer. I’ve just verified that this is working as intended for me.


Thank you for your reply. I know about the web intent allowing you to follow after it has been posted, I was also under the impression that the user @handle will be displayed in the tweet body and was similar to the via parameter.

Thank you for clearing that up.