Rejected, NoPromoted, UnderReview Campaigns


Over the last year, we have been experiencing campaigns falling into underreview, nopromoted, and rejected status. In most cases, it’s unclear why the API is indicating these statuses for the campaigns in question. We’ve been sending them bi-weekly to our Twitter Account Managers, but unfortunately we have not been able to identify the issue as of yet. Here are some additional details/questions around each status:

UnderReview - we understand that campaigns typically go underreview and are released within 24 hours. However, we have found that unless we send to our Twitter AM to take action, many campaigns remain underreview for multiple days, or, forever. Why are campaigns held in this status? What can we do to avoid this?

NoPromoted- we have ~15 campaigns a day which are “nopromoted” (resulting in 0 impression). What does this mean? When we flag these to our Twitter AM, there are scenarios where they still remain “nopromoted” with 0 impressions forever. There are also scenarios where we start to see impressions, but the API is still returning the “nopromoted” status for select or all line items. Does this mean some line items are not tied to the promoted tweet while others are? Resulting in some, but not optimal, performance? If so, how can this be avoided/fixed?

Rejected- we have seen a handful of campaigns fall into rejected status. Is this always a result of policy or are there other reasons a campaign might fall into rejected status? Does Twitter proactively approve campaigns that are rejected after manual review or do they always need to be flagged by the client first for further investigation?



Hey Lauren,

For these issues, it’s a bit complicated and might have to take some of the review related topics offline.

For “no promoted” I’m confused which one this is mapping to in the UI - you should be able to check a reasons_not_servable field and see something like “PAUSED_BY_ADVERTISER” or that there’s a funding problem.

For “Rejected” - the official information about how Twitter Ads are reviewed is here: The entire account can be put under a review state. I would recommend to run these same Qs by your partner manager.




Hi John,

Here’s some more info on the calls we are making. Our App calls to get the line items for each campaignliveid, and then calls to get the promoted tweets for each line item. From there, we split the tweet types by ApprovalStatus - Accepted, Rejected, and Under_Review. No Promoted seems to indicate there is no promoted tweets associated to the line item.

What i’m trying to understand is how a campaign ends up without a promoted tweet. In some scenarios, campaigns receive no impressions, but in others, they receive impressions and clicks. How can a campaign with no promoted tweet receive activity?

We’ve been sharing multiple examples a week with our partner managers, but they suggested we post here on the forum. Happy to bring the discussion back offline and send over examples of the campaigns in question. Thanks


A followers campaign (objective=FOLLOWERS on the line item), for example, does not require a Tweet. In this case, the account can be shown in the “Who to follow” section, which counts towards impressions and spend. So, essentially, it depends on the objective.

Please let us know if this helps clarify what’s going on. If you’re still seeing discrepancies, please provide additional details—including account IDs, line item IDs, etc—so that we can further investigate. Thanks!