Rehydrate Twitter mentions in Domo - Connector



I need to find a way to have a user authorize my custom connector, which I developed, on DOMO to Twitter to rehydrate some tweets. My connector basically inserts tweets into a DOMO database where I can view this data displayed on DOMO “cards”.

DOMO only gives the developer a simple editor (with ECMA 5.1) so I cannot use any third parties libraries of some sort.
My question is basically - How can I have that user authorize the connector on DOMO to twitter, and get back a token or some credentials to use to authenticate the connector to use to make Twitter REST API calls.

I wish to use something like this


At present there’s no client-side Javascript solution we can help you with, since there are cross-domain and other issues. I’m not familiar with DOMO so it may require someone else (or DOMO themselves) to suggest an alternative. Sorry!


Hi Andy,

Thanks for getting back to me. I understand what you are saying.

Is there any simple-authentication alternative that I can do on my end in my script? I just need a token to access the API. And I don’t want to use the app-only based method since its rate limit is less than that of a per-user base (which is essentially what I need)


In principle, if you generate a user token for your app on it will effectively have credentials to act as your account: “This access token can be used to make API requests on your own account’s behalf.”, as it says on the tokens page. You could then use that, but you’ll still need to do some fairly complicated things in your JS I think to drive any other API calls, which is why it is handy that things like CodebirdJS exist. I think you’ll probably hit a CORS issue as well.


Thank you for that information Andy.

Unfortunately, I still wouldn’t be able to achieve that because my connector script on DOMO apparently sits within their framework and certain JS functions and most libraries that rely on the DOM and browser are not available to us.


Hi Andy,

If I switch to using app-only authentication. I know it’s only 60calls/15min (for /statuses/show endpoint), but is there a formal way to increase this rate just for my connector on DOMO? No other application of mine will require a rate increase. I can provide further explanation/justification If needed.