Registering a webhook url with app owner access token: 32 - Could not authenticate you



Following How to register a webhook url in Twitter? I’m trying to use the application owner access token to register my webhook url:

In Postman, I select ‘OAuth 1.0’ as authorization type, and fill out consumer key, consumer secret, token and token secret as found on the ‘Keys and Access Tokens’ tab of the app, and POST to

I get 401 with code 32: Could not authenticate you.

If I change this to GET with the same authorization data, it works fine.

Is there something I misunderstand? I’m new to the Twitter API, so it may be a noob mistake.


Ok, I shouldn’t have suggested it would be a noob mistake, that’s like saying “please don’t reply” :wink:

Solved it eventually by using content type application/x-www-form-urlencoded and putting the url in the body rather than the query string.

I do think though that the error 357 “url: queryParam is required” should not be returned (unless someone can make this work with the url in the query string…??), and the error message I got was somewhat confusing :wink:

Nevertheless, I’m unstuck now!

Webhooks error code 32: Could not authenticate you


Can you please tell me how u did this. I mean the api call and post data you submitted to get this working as I am also facing this same issue.