REGIONS segmentation empty when there is data for that country




I’m getting data segmented by COUNTRY and I get non-zero data, but when I get data segmented by REGIONS, providing the countries I got in the previous call, I get no data, the id_data array is empty. The country I get results for is Tanzania - do you happen to not have regions for this country? But in this case, wouldn’t you have to return all the data for “Unknown” region, or something like that?

Please note that in the Ads Manager UI I have no option to breakdown by Regions, I get other options but not this one.

Do I need some kind of feature whitelisting to be able to get data segmented by regions?

Thank you.


Thanks for the question, @majoritasdev. This is due to the fact that targeting at levels more granular than COUNTRY are not available for all locations.


Thanks, @juanshishido. I see, so if I cannot target it, I cannot get statistics for it - it’s reasonable. :thumbsup: