Regenerating access keys do not remediate the "Forbidden" issue


Our app id is 7234057
We are using azure web job(scheduled job) to access Twitter API using the parameters mentioned below
consumer_key & consumer_secret
access_token & access_token_secret

We are getting “FORBIDDEN ISSUE”, the issue happened since Jan 18, 2019

We followed the mentioned steps (if you use the authentication credentials (i.e., the consumer keys and access tokens) listed in the developer portal 16 as shown below (as opposed to generating authentication tokens using 3-legged OAuth), regenerating these (and using the new values in API requests) will re-enable access to the Ads API. Note: you only need to regenerate the access token and access token secret.)in the Breaking Changes to App Permissions for Ads API developers but still we get the same ISSUE.

Please consider this as high priority.


Hi @dentsudev ,

Could you please check below topic and see if that workaround works? We’ve noticed that there’s an issue around the regeneration process on UI (developer portal).



FYI, this issue has been fixed:

Now you can regenerate your access token/secret from our developer portal Web UI correctly.


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