Regenerate Consumer API keys


I have an ios app that uses twitter to log users in and send simple tweets. It’s been available for 3-4 years now. I’m implementing a new login for the app and using twitter’s oauth. I now need the users email address, which i didn’t before.

I’ve updated the permissions in my app, but i’m afraid to regenerate the Consumer API keys. If i regenerate them will i have to change them in my ios app where they’re referenced? Some of my users can’t upgrade my app because they have older ipads and i don’t want to lock them out. If i regenerate do they actually change?

Thanks in advance


Hey @snap_booth,

You don’t have to regenerate your consumer key and secret to apply the updated app permissions. Instead, please regenerate your access token and access token secret. If you have referenced these tokens, you will have to update them in your app. This will also require all of your users to reauthorize the application with the new permissions.


Thanks for the response, @LeBraat. Turns out i just needed to wait a bit. Today it’s working as expected. Either that or i mucked something up at the time which i reversed.

Thanks again!


Glad you found a solution!

Happy developing!!