Regarding Retweetd_status



I want to collect hashtags and mentions from my Json data. While I am retrieving data, I found two different hashtag entities in Json format. One is for re tweeted_status and another one is normal. So is this two were different or both have same hashtags. I checked manually but quite lost in between.
Thanks in advance!!!


Removed the Fabric flag and switched to the REST API category as this is not a Fabric specific question.


A retweet is just a “wrapper” around the original tweet. If you’re counting hashtags & mentions it’s a good idea to count those just from the retweeted_status object if it’s a retweet. Hope that helps!


Thank you so much!!!


Is it possible to get gender wise tweets or any other way to pull data out based in this category?


No, there’s no gender or other demographics available in the API. You’ll have to infer those your self somehow.


Thank you!!!