Regarding 'funding_instrument_id'



Is there an option to pass our ‘funding_instrument_id’ instead of the ‘funding_instrument_id’ linked to our client’s account? We would like to add our ‘funding_instrument_id’ to our client’s funding instrument list.

Thanks in advance.


Hey @ANT0NM!

Have you looked at our Funding Instruments and Partner Managed Funding Instruments docs? You should find all the information you may need in those two pages in terms of what you can do with funding instruments.


Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your prompt response and providing links to the two docs. We did review the Funding Instruments doc, but we are unable to access the Partner Managed Funding Instruments doc. We are receiving “Access denied: You are not authorized to access this page” error message. Would you mind telling us who we should get in touch with, so that we can gain access?


If you are unable to access that portion of the docs, then that’s because you are on a lower level than is required; you can review all the different levels we have here - as you keep using the Ads API more and more and assuming you are fulfilling all the necessary criteria listed on the link I shared, you can move up to a higher level and get access to features that are dependent on level.


Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your prompt response. I assumed that was the case.