Refresh tweets frequently in my site homepage without reaching to the rate limit


I am working on the site which needs real time tweets to be displayed to users. I have used Tweet Sharp library to fetch tweets.
My site needs tweets to be refreshed frequently, but sometimes I get {“The remote server returned an error: (429) Too Many Requests.”} error.
As my site needs real time information, I have to fetch tweets frequently. How can I achieve this? How to get newest tweets without hitting to the Rate Limits?

The code I am using is:

   TwitterService service=new TwitterService(AppSetting.objTwitterClientInfo.ConsumerKey, AppSetting.objTwitterClientInfo.ConsumerSecret, AppSetting.objTwitterModerateInfo.ModerateAccessToken, AppSetting.objTwitterModerateInfo.ModerateAccessTokenSecret);

            var options = new ListTweetsOnHomeTimelineOptions();
            options.ExcludeReplies = false;
            options.Count = intTotalRec;
            var lstTwitterStatus = service.ListTweetsOnHomeTimeline(options);