Redundant Twitter Message


Hi Team,
In my product i have implemented twitter. I am using open source twitter API. But some time, the problem is when i send single twitter message form my product am getting duplicate twitter message in my account, that means i can see same twitter message 4 or 5 times. I want to know where is the problem either in my development part or twitter side. I can see only one log is printed but receiving side multiple times.

Looking forward for your valuable reply.

Thanks in advance…


There are times when our duplicate prevention does not detect the same tweet being sent to the same account – however, for that to happen your app would still likely have had to try sending the tweet multiple times. How do you respond to errors you receive from statuses/update, if and when you encounter them?


Thanks for your reply. I am sure, my application only one time sending the tweet. This scenario not happen at all time. Only few times only i can see the duplicate tweets. But, in my application log i can see only one log(printed tweet message only once).

My code is

                    ResponseList<?> list = twitter.lookupUsers(screenNames);
		Iterator<?> it = list.iterator();
		while (it.hasNext()) {
			User user = (User);
			iSendUserId = user.getId();
		if (iSendUserId != 0) {
			twitter.sendDirectMessage(iSendUserId, builder.toString());"Twitt sent to ---" + userId);
		} else {"Twitt is not send to ---" + userId);


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