Reducing the minimum budget for a specific app



During our QA process, some of our features require live ads data for us to be able to validate them.

The problem this represents is that this can be a bit costly for us, as even in our QA app we cannot bid below the minimum budget (around $200 I believe).

Is there any possibility to reduce that min budget threshold for specific apps? This would allow us to have live data with a better control of our costs.



Where are you seeing that there is a minimum budget of $200? Bidding below the campaign total budget is definitely allowed.


Hi Juan,

Sorry I wasn’t clear - I meant that the credit limit is currently €200 and we’d like, if possible, to reduce it.

The idea would be to ensure that we don’t overspend. We couldn’t find any obvious option to set up a type of cap at the account level, so we were wondering if there’s anything of the sort.


If you’re running test campaigns, then try setting the total budget to some low amount. There isn’t a way to do specifically what you’re asking for.


Got it, thanks @juanshishido.