Reduce the amount of times a user can tweet another user


I would like to suggest a change to twitter. I think if the times that a person could tweet someone was reduced then the spamming and the bullying would be reduced, too. If someone was allowed to tweet someone, let’s say, only three times in one hour then the trolls and bullies would disappear. It would also make it easier for users to sort out the tweets they get because their timeline isn’t getting clogged up.

My idea is that if somebody tweets someone without getting a reply then they are allowed to tweet that person only three times in an hour. If the person replies then they can continue to tweet. This would also reduce the spamming that is done by fans to celebrities. I have seen fans tweeting a celebrity every 5 minutes and it is annoying and clogs up the celebrities timeline. And of course the trolls would get discouraged and would not be able to spam or bully other users.


I’d be interested in this also. it looks like right now I’d have to build @mention throttling into my app.


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