Redirect twitter card to another Url


Is there a way to Redirect twitter card to another Url. Ie, If I share and when I click on its twitter card it need to redirect to


Not inside the card, no. If you happened to be the owner of then you could implement a 301 redirect on the server side, of course. If not, then I can only really read this as some kind of link hijack, and that’s certainly not something we would want to enable in the Twitter developer platform!


It is not like that. Both sites are owned by my self. What is my requirement is that I have a site Called and which contains a twitter share link.When I click on the link Iam calling a sub domain say contains the meta tags for the url.

So when I share the twitter card and click on the card it should redirect to instead of share url.
Iam not able to add metatags in abc thats why iam sharing corresponding share Url. But I can add it in share Url.
Is this possible ?


If you create 301 redirects for all links to to abc on your server then this should work.


Is there any way to change twitter card site name ? Capture


Try the twitter:site tag.

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