Redirect to my callback URL has no parameters


So I have an app in the iOS App Store, and it has some pretty time-dependent elements to it.
I’m implementing Twitter login, and as of this morning (2012-4-4), it’s not working anymore.

I begin with “/oauth/request_token” with my oauth parameters in the headers.
Most importantly, I have “myapp:” as the “oauth_callback”. Or rather, “myapp%3A” once it gets encoded.
That succeeds, and I get
in the body of the response.

So then I send the user to a web view with url oauth_token)

Now, when the user successfully logs in and accepts my app, I’m supposed to get called at
like I have up until today.

The problem is that now I only get called back at
with no parameters.

I’ve considered that “myapp:” might be a malformed callback URL. I tried “myapp://” but that failed too.
However, isn’t there an error for that? I’m not getting any errors, things are going smoothly up until not getting any data.
It was working up until this morning too, so I’m not sure whats up.

I’ve since made a new version with “myapp://login_tw” instead, but it won’t be released until Apple approves my app.
Anybody else have this, or know what to do?