Recreate access token doesn't work


The “Recreate Access Token” button in my twitter developemtn account doesn’t work.
Trying to get help on a forum i was stupid enough to copy-paste a request containing my access-token. I’ve tried recreating it several times over the last three hours, but it’s still showing the old access token and access token secret. Please fix this asap.


If you’re running into cacheing issues with that feature – go and explicitly revoke the token using

Then re-negotiate the token using the full OAuth 1.0A process or after waiting some time, generate again on this site.


go and explicitly revoke the token using

On that page i can only revoke access of the application to my account. Is that what you mean? It seems a bit drastic?

Also, in that case i don’t understand why the two things would be related. I’ve created that application only to be able to access public timelines. That’s why i generated the access token, using the twitter website. (i didn’t do this programmatically)

Just to be sure we’re on the same page here, i’m using the recreate button at the bottom of this page:

Now, more than 5 hours later, it still hasn’t given me a new access token.