Recovering tweets with media using tweepy


Hi guys! i’m trying to delete all tweets from one account using tweepy: i call the twitter api with user_timeline but that won’t get me the tweets that appear on the website under the user/media tab, i’m sure that’s because they don’t appear on the timeline. My call is this:

 for status in tweepy.Cursor(api.user_timeline).items():

This will not return those tweets that contain media so they are not deleted. Include_entities is
not a parameter for this method.

how can i recover these tweets? I thought i could searching with the
username as query, but that doesn’t work and could be very inefficient.

is there another method on the twitter API or a parameter that’s not included with the documentation?

Thanks for all the help!


HELP! Deleted my tweets including some photos. How can i recover those pictures?


I’m afraid if you deleted your Tweets then you will not be able to recover them.