Recovering app from lost account



I’m taking the same path here as the one laid out in Accessing App / Retrieving App account, as we have the same issue. That is, we’ve lost access to our app because we’ve lost access to the account containing the app, in our case because an employee whose role it was to maintain that info left our company without passing it on.

We’d like to request that the app be transferred to the account @LumentusSocial (which is where it should have been created in the first place).

As did the user in the above-referenced post, I’ve already submitted a “platform support” ticket describing the issue, including the sensitive token/secret bits. And as did the user in the above-referenced post, I’ve already gotten back the canned response, “Thanks for reaching out. This helpdesk is for policy inquiries from developers building on the Twitter Platform. For all other requests…”

At this point in the other user’s story, a forum moderator stepped in and “worked some magic behind the scenes,” and the app transfer was accomplished. Would someone mind please working the same magic for us? (Otherwise, kindly let me know what else is needed to move this forward.)

Many thanks!