Recommended way to construct social graph


A couple years ago I worked on an academic project to study propagation of ideas across social network graphs in Twitter. I finally got around to updating my program for the latest Twitter API and find that it barely works at all any more, because of the 15 GET/followers / 15 minutes query limit. The old hourly limit was a struggle, but at least allowed small networks to be mapped in a reasonable duration. The new limitation essentially makes Twitter API useless for this purpose.

Is there any alternative means of constructing social network graphs faster than 1 user per minute? I’ve seen a couple posts essentially asking a similar question and they have all gone unanswered, so I’m not super optimistic, but on the off chance Twitter developers come across this - even letting us use the 180/15m rate for followers queries would be a huge help. I’m not trying to remap the internet, but there seems to be no reasonable way to study second degree connections.


We definitely read all of the posts but we don’t always have a chance to answer all of them, and in this case there’s no great answer - there’s no current plan to open up the API limits around followers or the social graph, I’m afraid. We’ll take note of the request, but this is not a priority at this time.


Thanks for the response Andy. While I would obviously prefer a different answer, I appreciate having an answer!