Recommended users based on targeted user(s)


In the Ad - campaign management, when I go to targeting -> add followers, there is a recommendation message “Then you can expand your reach by adding recommended @usernames”- as soon as I put one user in, message becomes a link ie. “Add @usernames like @username and more to expand your audience”.
Clicking on that link opens up a popup were I could choose from list of recommended users.

I am trying to write the same functionality using twitter ads api / twitter api, but I can’t find in documentation endpoints that would eventually allow getting these recommended users?

I see that when that popup is opening two calls are being made

But I couldn’t find anything similar in docs.


Hey @Nennad,

You can get @username and keyword suggestions via the targeting_suggestions endpoint in the Ads API. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions on that.



@jaakkosf - yes that’s it, it was right under my nose actually :slight_smile: Thanks


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