Recommended oauth implementation for iOS?


Having given up on getting a proper response from Twitter to my xauth request I’m resigned to implementing oauth in my ios app, and hope users don’t mind the clunky context switch out to the web and back.

I just wanted to check what the general opinion is on the various libraries available for oauth in ios, and if there’s a standard/recommended way to do it?

Also, is my understanding correct that users only need to authenticate once? After than I can store their credentials in the keychain and they don’t need to manually login again?

thanks in advance.


Users only need to authenticate once, unless they revoke their token. This is the same as in xAuth – you would negotiate an access token and then discard the users login and password, as retaining it (even when using xAuth) is forbidden.

For pre-iOS5 apps, people tend to like MGTwitterEngine. For iOS5 and above apps, the native integration works for most people.


For iOS 5 and above, you may want to check out this example of reverse auth: