Recieved oauth_token and oauth_verifier now where to get access_token and access_secret?


my url looks like this when i callback to my page, but its gets stuck there? what to do next? where can i get my access_token and access_secret?


When you arrive back to your callback, you use the oauth_token as a reference to indicate which user youw ere servicing (match it to the user you sent into this process).

The oauth_verifier is a value you’re going to reuse for the next step, making a request to oauth/access_token to exchange the request token for an access token.


I am in the same situation like MuneebZulfee, I have the oauth_token and oauth_verifier, I don’t know how to set the parameters in the http request in order to get the access token and access token secret in coldfusion.


OK, I see you’ve opened another thread on this, so I’ll follow up there.

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