Recent tweets using wp-twitter-api class



I try to display My recent tweets,

I using Twitter API 1.1 Client for Wordpress

Check Twitter Result

Display My name is working,

But display My recent tweet is not working!

I want solution, this is My code:


require_once (TEMPLATEPATH . '/include/twitter-api/twitter-api.php'); 

$credentials = array(
'consumer_key'    =>  'i added my consumer_key',
'consumer_secret' =>  'i added my consumer_secret'

$twitter_api = new Wp_Twitter_Api( $credentials );

$query = 'screen_name=qassim_dev&count=1';
$args = array(
    'type' => 'statuses/user_timeline',
    'cache' => ( 24 * 60 * 60 )
$result = $twitter_api->query( $query, $args );
echo $result->name; // it's working and I got my name
echo '<br>';
echo $result->text; // it's not working and I don't got my recent tweets, I want solution!


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