Recent problem using since_id and max_id with with /statuses/home_timeline


There seems to be a problem today with /statuses/home_timeline when supplying both since_id and max_id to retrieve a range of tweets. I’m finding that the API is now returning an empty JSON array when both since_id and max_id are supplied. Is this a known issue, or intended change in behavior?

We began receiving reports from users related to this problem about 5 hours ago. The since_id and max_id combination is used in our application for filling timeline gaps.


Yep I’m seeing exactly the same issue, unable to use since_id and max_id together


Yup, this really sucks. ETA on fix, Twitter? My app is broken.


Hi folks, I’m afraid I can’t commit an ETA for a fix here, but thanks for raising the issue, and apologies for the inconvenience. Looking into it - internally tracked as PREL-14417.


Same here. Unable to use since_id and max_id together. Always returns no results. Can use them separately perfectly.


Hi @andypiper any news on this as it still doesn’t seem to be working?


Nothing to report but this is an active ticket.
I understand this is frustrating.
Thank you for your patience!


Thanks for the update, any news is better than no news :smile:


Thanks @andypiper, looks like the issue has been resolved today. We appreciate your help in getting this fixed.